Picture Framing in Miami

Custom picture framing helps give your photographs and original artwork a personal touch that you can’t find in standard frames from a craft store or other outlet.

Personal Touch

When you select a custom picture frame in the color, size, texture, material and style that speaks to you, it adds a unique touch to the piece. Even if it’s a print of a well-known photograph or work of  fine art, custom picture framing makes it one-of-a-kind in your home and a piece worth admiration and appreciation.

That’s not all.

Vast selection

We offer a vast selection of framing, matting and backing materials to create the perfect custom frame for your piece. You can choose from our nearly limitless options for frame molding and matting to create a finished product that expresses your individuality while honoring the spirit of the photograph or artwork.

Guaranteed quality

Our professional, experienced custom framers have the techniques, tools, and knowledge to produce superior picture framing results. The glass we use has UV protection built-in to protect your photographs and artwork from damaging sunlight. The backing, matting and framing materials used by our professional framers is of the highest quality and designed to protect your piece from acidity that can harm art and photographs. We create the frame to fit around your piece, which means you don’t need to modify it and compromise its beauty.

Protective Qualities – Why Does This Matter?

Without proper framing, photographs and artwork can suffer damage, yellowing and fading from sunlight. We use materials such as acid-free matting and backing and UV resistant glass to ensure your piece retains its original appearance.

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